Lightning-fast codebase generation for Go

Effortlessly generate the perfect starting point for your Go project, saving yourself hours of work and thinking.

All generated codebases give you an application scaffold that you can continue to build on — with a clear and pragmatic structure, access to useful helper functions, and code that follows Go conventions and good practices.

Autostrada is in open beta and under active development. Let us know what could be improved!

Start your project in minutes, not hours

Autostrada takes care of the standard project setup steps for you — freeing you up to get started fast and begin developing the important business logic for your project sooner. You get to focus on the application-specific code, not the boring boilerplate.

Don't worry about application structure

Autostrada generates a clear and sensible structure for your project, using tried-and-testing patterns with minimal complexity and no unnecessary abstractions. Basically, it gives you a really solid starting point for building a new application.

Minimize dependencies & complexity

You get to customize your codebase to include the only the features you need and none that you don't. And that means fewer dependencies, smaller binaries, and less that you need to maintain.

You're free to use it however you want

The generated code is MIT licensed. Which means there are no restrictions on what you use the code for or who uses it, and no attributions are needed (although they are appreciated!). Commercial use is totally OK.

You control the code

Autostrada is not a third-party framework that you import. Instead, all the generated code is part of your project — making it really easy to extend and adapt the code to work exactly as you want. You never have to worry about fighting a framework.

Packed with useful helpers

Helper functions are included for common tasks — like parsing JSON requests, rendering HTML templates, and managing SQL migrations. These are automatically tailored for your project so that the generated code only contains helpers that you are likely to actually need.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Choose your application type

2. Select a database

3. Add extra features

4. Tweak your project

5. Generate your codebase

Click the button below to generate a ZIP file containing your custom codebase. Documentation is also included in a README.html file inside the ZIP.