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Improvements and features that will be coming to Autostrada in the future. Please note that this roadmap isn't set in stone — if there's something that you'd like to see added or prioritized please reach out and let me know. If you'd like to see a list of historical changes, you can also check out the changelog.

Planned developments
Use pgx

Switch to using the postgres driver instead of


Add tests for all functionality in the generated codebases.

Email confirmations

Add email confirmation workflow to the "Accounts and Authentication" feature.

Rate limiting

Add optional support for IP based rate limiting (using x/time/rate).

Shareable application configurations

Add support for shareable, reproducible, Autostrada application configurations.

Server-side sessions

When the generated codebase uses a database, store session data server-side rather than in a cookie.

Likely developments
Request ID

Assign each request a unique ID and include it in log and error messages.

Select your Go version

Make it possible to select your preferred Go version when generating a codebase (Go 1.18+ only).

RPC services

Make it possible to generate a skeleton codebase for RPC services.

CLI tools

Make it possible to generate a skeleton codebase for command-line interface tools.


Switch to using PASTEO as an alternative to JWT for API authentication.

CORS requests

Add optional middleware with sensible defaults for allowing/restricting cross-origin requests for JSON API applications.

Pick-your-own logger

Add support for picking a logger (logrus, zap, zerolog etc.).

Code comments

Add optional code comments for all code in the generated applications.

Application profiling

Add optional support for application profiling using net/http/pprof.


Add optional support for viewing application metrics (like memory and goroutine usage, and DB connection pool statistics).

Evaluate wneessen/go-mail

Evaluate and potentially switch to using for SMTP.

Possible developments / Ideas

Add optional support for applications requiring I18N/L10N functionality (translations, number formatting, date and time formatting, currency etc).


Add optional pagination helpers.

Websockets and server-side events

Add optional support for working with websocket connections and server-side events.

OAuth/OpenID connect

Add optional support for authenticating users via OAuth/Open ID connect.


Add support for Redis as an optional data store.

Email sending services

Add support for sending emails using popular email providers (SendGrid, Postmark, Amazon SES etc.).

CSS frameworks

Make it possible to optionally choose a CSS framework for web applications (like Tailwind and Bootstrap).

LiveView-style tooling

Make it possible to optionally choose HTML-over-the-wire tooling for web applications (like HTMX, Hotwire and Unpoly).


Add optional support for server and client side analytics.

Continuous integration with GitHub Actions

Add optional workflow files for running CI checks (using GitHub Actions).


Support sending error notifications to Sentry.


Add optional support for creating docker-compose and Dockerfiles.

Build and deployment tooling

Add optional support for deploying to popular hosting providers (like Digital Ocean and AWS).

Error notifications via

Support sending error notifications to your phone via